Determining the Effects of Global Warming to Depression Patients in Malaysia using Hybrid of Deep Recurrent Neural Network and Hidden Markov Model Approach (2019--2022)

The study's objectives are to formulate the relationship of global warming, place of residence, and age to the increasing rate of depression patients, determine the ambient temperature that impacts depression patients adversely, and propose and evaluate a hybrid of DRNN-HMM approach to predict the rising rate of depression patients.


Establishing A New Research Field of “Comfort in Mind” Science and Technology (2021--2022)

This project aims to combine AI research and entertainment science to establish a new field of study called "comfort in mind" through games to address the limitations of AI and ES fields.


Fusion of Data-Driven and Theory-Driven Research: Towards Empathic Entertainment Field (2022--2023)

The integration of AI technology and Entertainment Science has revolutionized gaming experiences, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This collaboration has become increasingly vital across various industries. The project's goal is to establish empathetic entertainment as a robust research field that can provide insights into human interactions and behaviors.